How to make money from YouTube shorts and earn million dollars 2021

You might have watched many YouTube shorts, which is a maximum of 60 seconds only. And YouTube has announced a plan of $ 100 million YouTube Shorts fund paying to creators who use YouTube shorts. It is a piece of big good news to the short video creators. The goal is to encourage them to keep making new YouTube shorts consistently.   

However, how much the creators can earn from YouTube shorts is still up in the air. You need to travel through various hurdles set by YouTube. It depends upon your post engagement and views. 

Here, apart from the YouTube partner program, going to talk about the other ways of making money from YouTube shorts. If you make YouTube shorts or reel videos, you can make money online. Let's get started on how you can make money from YouTube shorts.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

Video length is getting shorter and shorter being viral on social media platforms. People prefer to watch short videos to keep up to date on breaking news and trending topics. They don't have time to sit and patience to watch a lengthy video.  Let's talk about no attention span of the average video length of a view on Facebook is only 18 seconds.

The short-form videos most shared, liked and commented hover between 30 seconds and 60 seconds more than ever. It brought us drastic changes in video making and uploading to any video streaming platform.

It is not just the future content of social media platforms, but it is the present. Users are fascinating with short videos and enjoying more than long-form videos. It's time to put your focus on creating bite-sized clips for your viewers -- it's what they want.

2. Do I need to choose a niche for YouTube Shorts?

Making YouTube shorts are very new to all of us. I watch a lot of YouTube shorts, are random and themeless, but it gives us entertainment.  Niches may be required to retain the audience attention and gain more subscribers, views and engagement. For instance, if you make funny short clips, keep making more. You can make YouTube shorts on many themes or niches, but it must be copyright free.

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3. How do I make YouTube shorts?

It is easy to create with your mobile phone, but you need to know three things are as stated below.

    i. Criteria for YouTube Shorts

  • You must have a YouTube channel or create one.
  • Video orientation must be in portrait mode in the ratio of 9:16.
  • It must be less than 60 seconds. However, a recommended short video is 15 seconds.
  • Mention #shorts in the video title and description.

    ii. Should I make a separate account for YouTube shorts?

No, you don't need a separate YouTube account for YouTube Shorts. You can upload YouTube shorts using your existing YouTube.

    iii. YouTube Shorts Making steps.

There are two ways to make YouTube shorts. One is uploading a pre-recorded short-form video or shooting a short video directly without using the YouTube app. Another option, making a short-form video through the YouTube app. 

Note:- You cannot upload YouTube shorts from a PC or Laptop. You must use your mobile phone to upload it.

  • Go to the app.
  • Tap the Plus (Add) icon.
  • Tap the upload a video to upload the pre-recorded short video if you have already made it. 
  • Or, if you want to record directly, tap Create a Short.
  • Do some settings like Add sound, Camera Flip (back and front), video speed and timer (Youtube Supports 15 seconds only in Beta version).
  • Tap the round Red button and record your acts.
  • Tap the button to stop it.
  • Edit background sound, Text, Timeline and Filter.
  • Tap Next.
  • Set the video title and audience, and don't forget to add #shorts.
  • Set visibility as Unlisted.
  • Tap Upload.
  • Let it be uploaded completely.
  • Go to the Mobile version YouTube Studio or desktop mode and enter the description with #shorts.
  • Now, change the visibility into Public.
  • Tap Save.

Now, your YouTube Shorts will be published.

4. Can short videos be monetized on YouTube?

Yeah, it is. Let's pass through the following questions:-

    i. Does your YouTube shorts monetize with any songs, music and audio?

No, it cannot be. The songs, music and audios must be copyright free. You can use from YouTube audio library or kinds of music available in the YouTube app while creating shorts.  The content must be original and your own.

    ii. Do I get paid for viewing YouTube Shorts directly under Shorts Beta?

No, you don't get it if your shorts played on the YouTube shorts shelf. It cannot be counted for views and watch time on YouTube. So, it goes for entertainment purposes only.  

    iii. How do I get paid for YouTube Shorts?

Generally, you can't share revenue from advertisements played on the shorts player/YouTube Shorts shelf. But if your shorts played in the regular YouTube feed, the YouTube shorts will be counted for views and watch time.  If you fulfil the criteria for monetization, like 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time, you will get monetized your channel.

When your shorts played in the YouTube feed and served ads, you will earn revenue from YouTube ads. And you will get paid to your bank account after reaching the minimum threshold.

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    iv. What are the benefits of making YouTube Shorts?

There are some benefits of YouTube shorts. If your shorts get viral or retain good audience attention, it helps you grow your channel about subscribers, views and watch time. And you can make money using the short videos through affiliate marketing or promotion.

5. What are the other ways to make money from YouTube Shorts?

Apart from YouTube shared ads revenue, you can make money from other ways also. It depends upon how you to take your shorts monetization. Other sources are affiliate marketing, sell own products and promotion. Here, I recommend only two options, i.e. affiliate marketing and sell own products.

    i. Affiliate Marketing

It's easy to make shorts of affiliate products, but you must choose genuine products. For instance, you can share a short clip about weight gain and loss, gym training and exercise tips, proper diets, etc. Do not promote whatever you get. 

Follow the steps given below:-

  1. To promote affiliate products, sign up to affiliate marketing program partners like Amazon, Flipkart or any website. 
  2. Make a short clip regarding the products. But if you want to make shorts using other video clips, you can sign to the Canva app. And there are a thousand free short clips available that you can use to promote your products. Or you can visit Pexels and Pixebay websites where you don't need to sign up.
  3. Generate the product affiliate links.
  4. Share the links with your short videos and in the short video description also.
  5. Once a user makes a purchase using the affiliate product links, you will earn some commission.

    ii. Sell own products

Sell own products is not an easy task. Either you must have pre-available or create products. If you are good at writing, I recommend you to write short tutorial books and get registered with Payment gateways creating an online store. In India, you can create an online store free of cost on Instamojo and Razorpay payment gateways. Share the product links on your YouTube shorts or within the short clips. It's a direct way of self-promoting your products to customers. You can get payments directly without going through third-party advertisers.

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6. How much does it cost to start YouTube shorts?

You can start at zero cost completely. If you have a Gmail account, your YouTube shorts are already awaiting you. The only investment is your mobile phone, data connection, time and your skills. You can edit your videos on a mobile phone without a PC.

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7. How do I receive payment?

Your payments depend upon how you have monetized your channel. If you monetize your channel through YouTube ads, you receive payments to your bank account directly after reaching the minimum payment threshold. And the same thing is applied to affiliate marketing also. 

However, if you are selling your products, you get paid instantly. You don't need to wait for the minimum payment threshold. I prefer this and selling my products online since a few years ago. Yeah, it is not easy to create your products, but you get paid more conveniently than YouTube ads or affiliate marketing.

8. Conclusion

Earning through YouTube shorts is still up in the air, but it helps you grow your channel and business in many ways. I don't say that YouTube shorts give you a lot of money. For that, you must owe guts to pass through hard work and determination. In addition, you must need passion and consistency. Thus, you may generate some revenue from YouTube shorts.

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