How to make money online by selling assignment of IGNOU and NIOS 2021

I've been making money by selling the solved assignments of IGNOU and NIOS. Generally, I do not write it for all the subjects, but what I do, I'll collect it from my friends or someone who is pursuing any courses from IGNOU and NIOS. And I'll type it and make a pdf for selling online.

If you are ready to learn how to make money online by selling assignment of IGNOU and NIOS, follow the steps and start your online business at zero cost. You don't need to invest any amount for selling the solved assignments at the beginning of your startup.

1. Introduction

IGNOU claims to be the largest university in the world. It has over 4 million active students, followed by NIOS 1.90 million students. Why do I recommend you making solved assignments for these educational institutions? There are a large number of students pursuing academic courses and training from the two educational institutions. Every year, these institutions get admission in a large number and offer different academic and professional programmes.

Most of the IGNOU and NIOS students are government and privates employees who are always busy at their work. They don't get time to solve assignments. Thus, they prefer to purchase it.

You don't need to make solved assignments for all courses or subjects offered by these institutions. You can choose a few specific areas that you are going to make it. For example, you can prepare solved assignments for diploma and other certificates courses only; or you make assignments for bachelor and master degrees only. While choosing bachelor degrees assignments, you can prepare for a few subjects only. Or you can take two or three courses from bachelor degrees, the two or three from Master degrees and a few from diploma and certificate courses which are convenient to you.

You don't need to go through the IGNOU and NIOS Textbooks. For this, you can take help from your friends, private tutors or anyone who is pursuing courses from these two institutions. You can collect solved assignments from them, or you can ask to write at a minimum cost. It is easier if you are taking any courses. And you can sell your solved assignments that you submit to the institutions.

2. Basic Requirements

There is no compulsion to be graduated from any universities. It seems that you must possess a graduate degree to write solved assignments. But if you are taking help from your friends, relatives, private tutors or someone who is pursuing courses from IGNOU and NIOS, you don't require to write and be graduated.

But in this case, you may require to invest some amount to get started your business. For example, you can place orders to someone for writing the assignments for ₹ 100 per assignment that you can sell out at ₹ 150.

It depends upon the courses that you choose to write.  The class XII passed out students can also write assignments for diploma and certificate courses. Graduate and master degree holders can write solved assignments based on their field of studies. For example, if you graduated in English, you cannot write assignments for physics or any science subjects. That's why it always recommended to take help from others for preparing it in the different programmes.

And you may need some devices to type and make a PDF of the solved assignments. It is better if you have a personal computer. But you can do everything on your mobile phone also.

3. Assignment Material Collections

How do you get new assignment questions of IGNOU and NIOS?

You will have to visit their official websites to download the afresh assignments. Click the links to download the assignment questions:-

Once you download the afresh assignments questions, you can ask to write solved assignments to someone related to IGNOU and NIOS. 

4. Typing and Making PDF

After completing the draft or handwritten solved assignments, you collect them.  And then type in Microsoft Word using PC or mobile either. Once finish editing, convert the ms-word file into PDF. Set page size as A4 and margin as Narrow so that you can adjust more text in fewer pages. When your file size is smaller, customers can download it easily. Now, it is ready to sell.

5. Pricing the Assignments

Once the solved assignments are ready to sell, you need to set a price for each. Do not set overprice. Keep the price reasonable and affordable by the IGNOU and NIOS students.  Try to set a slightly lower price than someone who is selling the same assignments. 

It is one of the profitable business in today's world. For example, if you invest ₹ 100 per assignment to prepare and you sell at 50. You won't be lost if you can sell the same file for 1000 copies that will make ₹ 50,000. There is not only a thousand students who are pursuing the same courses, but it may be a lakh or more.

6. Marketing the assignments

How to sell the solved assignments? Where to sell it?

There are two ways to sell the solved assignments:-

    a. You can sell offline if you have a printing shop or cybercafe. 
    b. You can sell online through different mediums.

For me, the best way of selling to a large number of students is online. The mediums I use to sell the assignments are as under:-

  • By registering at Payment Gateway websites like Instamojo, Razorpay, Payumoney, etc., you can sell it. These payment gateways offer to sell PDFs, Word files, Images, Music, Audio and Video online.
  • Add the PDFs to the shop section of the Facebook Page.
  • Add the PDFs to the Product Catalogue of WhatsApp Business.
  • Sell through Instagram and Pinterest. You can upload a cover image and mention all the instructions for purchasing.
  • You can make a video of the assignments and upload it to YouTube. And then, share the purchasing link or instructions in the video description.

7. Ways to Receiving the Payment

While selling the assignment through offline mode, you can receive payment directly from the customers. But what about if you are selling PDFs online?

There are two ways of receiving payment online, i.e. one is receiving payment through a payment gateway site like Instamojo, Razorpay, Payumoney, Cashfree, CCAvenue, Citrus Pay, etc. You need to register on these payment gateway sites. You may require to submit KYC documents as per their norms. Once you submit the KYC, your account will be ready within a week or two weeks. And then, you can upload the PDFs to the payment gateway sites. It's effortless, and you don't require any technical knowledge. You can watch a youtube video for references if needed.

You can share the uploaded assignments to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. The IGNOU and NIOS students may able to buy your solved assignments through shared links.

Another is receiving manual payment like bank transfer, UPI, GooglePay, PhonePe, Amazon UPI, etc. In this case, you need to mention all the instruction and have a negotiation with the buyers. Once they make your payment, send them PDFs through WhatsApp or Email.

8. Further expansion planning

It is optional to expand your business online. But I recommend that once your business is stable, make a website on Wix or WordPress. It doesn't cost you much amount making a website in between ₹ 3,000 and ₹ 6,000. You don't need an expert or web developer. Make your website by using drag and drop tools on both platforms.

A website allows you to stay connected with the customers and send alerts of new products. And increase your sales and save extra charges.

9. Conclusion

Though some websites are selling solved assignments, you have still a chance to make money out of it. IGNOU and NIOS have a large number of students. And if you make better assignments than other several websites, you will gain more and more customers. 

Don't think that you will be rich by selling assignments overnight. It takes time and space. But one day, you will be successful. You only need to be consistent with your work.

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