Start a YouTube Channel and make money online 2021

One of the mornings, I was watching videos on YouTube. My eyes dropped at a thumbnail a seven-year girl makes ₹ 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month on her YouTube Channel.  I got shocked really by how the young girl is running the channel? I went through the video and got to know that she gets help from her father. They are from Orissa and residing in Bangalore. But, her father helps her with editing and upload the videos. And the rest, she had to do like finding and making contents.

In fact, in the video, she told us that it was an unexpected ending to making videos for YouTube. She created a YouTube channel for fun and entertainment only. Later on, she gained more and more views, comments and likes that leads her into monetizing the channel. Thus, she is making money ₹ 1.5 to 2 lakhs per month.

Another inspiring YouTube story a ten-year boy makes ₹ 25,000 per month through his YouTube channel. In an interview, he told us that he has only a Redmi Mobile phone costing six to eight thousand only. He makes all videos on his mobile phone. And the interviewer asked him that don't you go out playing with your friends? He will play with his friends also, but he can't come out of the home due to the pandemic, he says. Very shortly going to buy a new laptop with his earning. Increase his business using the Laptop, such as tricks and tips of computer, applications, etc.

And I keep questioning myself. Why can't I start a YouTube channel? To my mind, I need to make a new YouTube channel. So, I have created a YouTube Channel Etlogs very recently. Now, it is your turn.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. What is my best niche to make YouTube videos?
  3. What tools do I need to make YouTube videos?
  4. Do I have long term content creating ideas?
  5. Do I have time to make and upload videos to YouTube?
  6. Can I run my family with YouTube earnings?
  7. How to gain more and more views on YouTube videos?
  8. How do I get paid with YouTube videos?
  9. How much does it cost to start YouTube Channel?
  10. How to set up my YouTube Channel?
  11. Conclusion

1. Overview

Making videos and uploading to a YouTube channel is not sharing your ideas with the viewers, but a lucrative profession gives you unlimited money. It's not easy that you can make videos on whatever contents you have.  The niche must be reliable and unique. Neither you upload copied contents to any YouTube channels nor monetized it. 

The person who makes and uploads videos to YouTube is known as YouTuber. It is the most trending profession in the world. A million people are relying their life on YouTube. To be a Youtuber is not an easy task, but it is a challenge for you. So many YouTubers have been already earning enough cash and made a space to live on YouTube. For newbies, hard to find a space on YouTube and start making money too early. But if you have a strong passion and long term vision, you can make money on YouTube. It takes one or more years to monetize your channel. You might have heard that some may get early monetized within two-three months after creating it. But, it is not applicable for all of us. It depends upon your niches and friend circle living in.

To be a successful YouTuber, you need passion and courage to work consistently by becoming blind at someone who comments and demotivates you negatively.

2. What is my best niche to make YouTube videos?

You will have to find out your favourite niche for a YouTube channel. Do not make random videos, whatever comes to your mind. Think and plan before making any videos for your channel. And your niche must be everlasting so that you can keep making videos on the same topic. Do not make mixed-content type videos because it can't allow you to grow your channel. If you have multiple niches, you can make a different channel.

There are unlimited niches for YouTube Videos. Some of the best trending niches are listed below. You can pick anyone if you wish to create your YouTube channel based on the following.

  1. Entertainment Channel: comedy, fun, prank, mimicry, ghost hunting, web series, serials, music videos, cover songs, etc
  2. Tech Channel: share tips for PC and Mobile, Finding solutions for faulty App and software, reviews devices and gadgets, tech gossip, put your computer to the test, tour a new software beta, experiment with new gadgets, and many more.
  3. Gaming Channel: play games with other channels, share in-game footage, cliff note any video game, show off a mod you made, do a video game re-edit, tour through a game, do gaming commentary, show your gameplay highlights, dive into gaming news and events, film yourself playing a game, compare similar games and so on.
  4. Educational Channel: Make a timelapse video, launch educational courses, software tutorials, College and Universities news and events, show a creative way of recycling, restoring old things, financial planning tips, offer job interview advice, cliff note your favourite books, fun facts, maths teaching videos, discuss writers and authors, discuss historical texts, talk about filmmaker influences, do a short subject documentary, explain how a tool works, the Mythbuster approach, and the like.
  5. Cooking Channel: Cook with friends, tour your fridge, share a secret recipe, recreate food from movies, show the recipe and taste of local foods and so on.
  6. Health and Lifestyle Channel: Share tips for losing and gaining weight, fitness training, show how to stretch properly, show a home workout, suggest good energy foods, show a gym workout, be a yoga instructor, teach proper workout methods, etc.
  7. Review Channel: car review, book review, tech gadget review, product review, movie reviews, show reviews, etc.
  8. Tour and Travel: Backpack travel, travel vlogs, tour guide, sharing information of travelling places, etc.
  9. Other Channels: Painting Videos, vlogs, stitching and knitting, affirmations, news and gossips, Photography, Voice-over, Story-telling and many more.

3. What tools do I need to make YouTube videos?

You are required to have some tools and devices for running YouTube Channel. In the beginning, you can create your channel with the help of mobile if you don't have a laptop or computer. Some tools are listed below for your reference:-

  • A good smartphone
  • Laptop or computer (recommended though not required in the beginning)
  • DSLR Camera (if possible)
  • Mic for recording voice.
  • Lighting (Optional - if you have proper lighting, your video will improve)
  • Green Screen (if you are making tutorial videos and want to remove video background)
  • Tripod and Gimbal to hold cameras.
  • Video editing applications like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final cut Pro, Movavi, Camtasia, Kinemaster, etc.
  • Thumbnail making applications like Photoshop, Canva, CorelDraw, etc
  • Copyright and cost-free audio and background music like YouTube Audio Library. 
  • Copyright and cost-free images and videos like Pexels and Pixabay websites.

4. Do I have long term content creating ideas?

Before starting a YouTube channel, probably you have decided on your niche to make videos that you want to show. Making videos and uploading to a YouTube channel is a long term process. Your niche must not be finished after making a few videos. And the niche that you select for YouTube videos should be based on your interest so that you can't be bored by doing this.

Always recommended, choose a long term video creating ideas so that you can keep making video consistently.

5. Do I have time to make and upload videos to YouTube?

Probably, you are thinking to work part-time on Youtube. Yes, you can but may not be successful. If you see making videos on YouTube as a profession, you must work full time. Nevertheless, it also depends upon the niche you choose to work on it. For example, you choose a home workout for your YouTube channel. Similarly, your YouTube channel is created based on Ghost Hunting at night. Any other such YouTube channel does not need to work full time.

You can also set time for making and shooting videos. For instance, if you are an employee and busy from Monday to Saturday, you can make videos on Sunday. For editing, you can hire someone so that it saves your time. In this way, you can manage your time for YouTube Channels.

6. Can I run my family with YouTube earnings?

6. Can I run my family with YouTube earnings?

Undoubtedly, you can run your family with YouTube earnings. There are 2 billion active users on YouTube. Almost one-third of the users are creators. Most Indian youths prefer to be a YouTuber rather than an employee under a company or institution. If you take a visit on YouTube, you will find numerous channels by the Indian youths. In Nepal also, most news channels and video creators depend upon Youtube earnings. 

The top ten richest YouTubers in the world today are as under:-

  1. Jeffree Star – net worth of $200 million
  2. PewDiePie – net worth of $40 million
  3. Markiplier – net worth of $35 million
  4. DanTDM – net worth of $35 million
  5. Ryan’s World – net worth of $32 million
  6. Rhett & Link – net worth of $32 million combined
  7. Dude Perfect – net worth of $30 million
  8. Vanoss Gaming – net worth of $25 million
  9. Ninja – net worth of $25 million
  10. James Charles – net worth of $25 million

7. How to gain more and more views on YouTube videos?

Over time, you will gain more views, comments and likes on your YouTube videos. While uploading videos, set eye-catchy custom thumbnail, enter video title and description based on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Build audience in Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitters, Pinterest, etc. 

You can advertise your videos with other YouTube channels or advertisement companies so that you can gain more and more views within a short time. However, it is not recommended for beginners.

You may refer to this: How to make money from YouTube shorts and Earn million dollars 2021


8. How do I get paid with YouTube videos?

Working from home and making money online is also provided by YouTube, which is a great way to boost your passive income. Here are a few ways to earn money with YouTube videos:-

  1. Once you complete the monetization criteria of YouTube partner, you can get advertising revenue with AdSense.
  2. Take sponsorship videos, contents and ads but make sure that it should not be against the YouTube community guidelines.
  3. Collect direct payments from your fans and followers using apps like Patreon, Paypal, etc.
  4. Get monetized with affiliate products that do affiliate marketing with Amazon, Flipkart and other affiliate marketing sites.
  5. Sell ebooks or any products related to your videos.
You can receive payment directly to your bank account after successfully monetizing the YouTube Channel with one of the above steps.

9. How much does it cost to start YouTube Channel?

It is easy to create a YouTube channel with zero investment. You only need a Google Account created on Gmail. But it can be expensive when you choose contents like gaming, travel vlogs, web series, etc. It requires good DSLR Cameras, Mics, Tripod, lighting setup and Green screen, video editing software, mobile phone, better Ram and graphic card computers for editing videos.

On the other hand, if you make videos on mobile tips, affirmations, voice-over, storytellings, etc., the expensive things are not required. Many YouTube channels are running with the mobile phone only.

You can start a YouTube channel with your mobile phone. Once you get a stable income from YouTube, you can upgrade your gadgets and devices to expand your business.

10. How to set up my YouTube Channel?

If you have a Google Account created on Gmail, your YouTube channel is already waiting for you. But if you don't have an Email ID, you create it on Gmail before making a channel.

And then follow the steps given below to create your new YouTube Channel:-

  1. Sign in to YouTube
  2. Click your picture in the top right corner (desktop version) or three vertical dots in the top right corner (mobile version)
  3. Click Add or Manage your Channel(s)
  4. Select Create a Channel
  5. Enter your Channel Name
  6. Add details to the about section
  7. Customize the look of your channel with a cover photo and profile picture
  8. Upload your first video
  9. Add playlists, fill out your profile with more details, and link to your other social media accounts
  10. Add a channel trailer video
  11. Shout about your new channel of social media sites and friend circles.

11. Conclusion

Making videos is one of the best profession for making money online.

YouTube provides a trusted platform to generate passive income. But do not think you will be rich overnight. The Earning on YouTube channels varies in different terms and conditions like niches/contents, presentations, speaking skills, talents, audience circles, languages, regions, and many more. Do not expect to make and get more subscribers and money. Try to do the best out of the best and unique in the world. Money and subscribers will follow you automatically.

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